Change the world

Programme outcomes

To improve student performance and pass rates in high risk modules

To offer non-remedial peer assistance in high risk modules

How we work

Supplemental Instruction is a student driven support programme that students attend voluntarily in high risk modules.   SI Leaders are senior students who have successfully completed the module and have received intensive training to facilitate small groups. They facilitate SI sessions after students attended lectures, thereby integrating content with learning skills and study strategies.  More information on SI and the SI National Office housed at Nelson Mandela University can be found on the SI website:


Staff: Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Liesl Smith
Ms Liesl Smith
Position: Senior Learning Developer (Supplemental Instruction)
Department: Supplemental Instruction
Room: 10 -01 17 (Music Building)
Location: South Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2118
Fax: 27 41 504 9045
Qualifications: BA (UPE), BA Hons (UPE)
Expertise: Small group facilitation, Supplemental instruction, Cooperative Learning, Collaborative Learning, Facilitator Training, Mentoring, Tutoring, Student Academic Development, Student Leadership Development
Responsibilities: Manage SI programmes, initiatives, and innovations at macro Nelson Mandela University level. Manage and coordinate the SI National Office for Southern Africa. Coordinate the SI programme in the Health Science and EBET Faculties and George Campus. Train and develop SI and Peer Collaborative Learning initiatives. Research in Supplemental Instruction, Peer Collaborative Learning and Student Academic Development initiatives.

Philip Kitching
Dr Philip Kitching
Position: Academic Developer
Department: Supplemental Instruction
Room: 10 -01 17 (Music Building, LG)
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 1227
Fax: 041 504 2583
Qualifications: BPsych (Counselling), MA Psychology (Research), PhD Psychology (Research)
Responsibilities: Manage the implementation of the Supplemental Instruction (SI) programme as a key NMMU student development and retention strategy. Student and Staff Academic Development.