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Student Success Coaching

Programme Outcomes

A definition of Student Success Coaching

Student success coaching is a high impact connection with a student on their journey through university, which actively engages them in developing their personal success plan through collaborative learning experiences while holistically enhancing and nurturing students in shared relationships which enables a student to change their world.

Student Success Coaching mission statement

Mission: To provide a high impact collaborative learning experiences that contribute to NMU student success throughout their university years and beyond.


Student learning outcomes indicating what students need to learn through Student Success Coaching

Student Learning Outcomes indicate what students will demonstrate, know, value and do as a result of participating in the coaching interaction.



• Remains open and responds well to challenges, transitions and new situations

• Able to think creatively to generate new ideas and innovations

• Adapts to varied responsibilities, schedules and contexts

• Stays abreast of local, workplace and global changes



• Explores and exhibits self-reliant behaviours

• Knows how to manage time effectively

• Demonstrates initiative 

• Able to develop, implement and manage a budget (personal or organizational)

• Plans and implements the steps needed to accomplish a task without direct oversight

• Prioritizes commitments and multitasks when necessary

• Takes responsibility for one’s own actions  


Intellectual Growth

• Uses critical thinking skills

• Identifies, evaluates and solves problems/conflict management

• Expands the knowledge base

• Exhibits a willingness to continuously learn 


Self-Awareness and Development

• Demonstrates self-confidence 

• Identifies, expresses and pursues goals 

• Identifies obstacles to achieving goals and ways to overcome them

• Develops and articulates a personal belief system 

• Identifies personal strengths and growth areas

• Uses reflection for growth and development


Brief Summary of how you work

When you would like assistance to empower and equip yourself with a success plan for your studies, you are able to make use of our services by voluntarily requesting an appointment using the following address –


Next is:

You will then be assigned to a Student Success Coach who will meet with you online using your preferred mode of communication, to start the coaching journey with you.

The session/s and all your information remain strictly confidential.

Coaching may last between 45 minutes and an hour; and is personalised to your needs.

During your first appointment, you and your coach will establish a relationship, and different roles and responsibilities will be discussed and decided upon together.

Your coach may continue to meet with you throughout your journey as a student, and referrals to other academic support services may be made if deemed necessary based on your needs, goals and success plan.


Success Coaches & Affiliated Faculties
Unathi Silo
Ms Unathi Silo
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni Bld, Ground Floor, 0024
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 4622
Qualifications: BA, BA Honours (Psychology), MA (Research Psychology) Responsibilities: Student Success Coach - Faculty of Health Sciences

Terry-Anne Jones
Ms Terry-Anne Jones
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni, Ground Floor
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 4623
Qualifications: BPsych (UPE), BAHons (Psychology)(UPE), MA Psychology(Rhodes), MA (Industrial Relations)(NMMU)
Responsibilities: Student Success Coach – Faculty of Arts

Marilies Saaiman
Ms Marilies Saaiman
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni Building, Ground floor Room Number: 0017
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 4081
Qualifications: BPsych (Registered Counsellor)
Responsibilities: Coaching students through a collaborative learning experience and a one-on-one connection which actively engages the student in developing a personalized success plan.

Elizabeth Oakes
Mrs Elizabeth Oakes
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni Building, Ground Floor, Room 090G23
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 2047
Qualifications: Counselling Psychologist, MA (Couns), BA(Hons), BA
Responsibilities: Success coaching for Business and Economic Sciences students.

Kim Hurter
Mrs Kim Hurter
Position: Student Success Coach (Faculty of Law)
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni Building, 0024, building 9
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 4074
Fax: 041 504 1947
Qualifications: MA Counselling Psychology

Zonele Mdiya
Zonele Mdiya
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: 020, Mopani Building
Location: George Campus
Phone: 044 801 5145
Qualifications: BSocSci (Psychology & Organisational Psychology); BSocSci Hons (Psychology); MSocSci (Counselling Psychology)
Responsibilities: Student Success Coach George Campus

Vuyolwethu Ndita
Ms Vuyolwethu Ndita
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: Embizweni Building, Ground floor Room Number: 0017
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 2932
Qualifications: BPsych (Registered Counsellor)
Responsibilities: Providing support to individual students requiring academic assistance in becoming more successful at university

Nozipho Hokonya
Ms Nozipho Hokonya
Position: Student Success Coach
Department: Learning Development
Room: 0018
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 2701
Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work (NMMU), Master of Social Work (Research) (NMMU)
Expertise: Student Success Coaching, Peer Mentor Co-ordination, Lecturing, Research Supervision, Practicum Co-ordination, Campus Supervision, Social Work Practitioner